J.I. Janairo

Professor of Biochemistry


This is the academic website of  Prof. J.I. Janairo MRSC. 

J.I. is  a Full Professor at the Biology Department of De La Salle University, Manila Philippines.  J.I. received his BS Biochemistry (cum laude) and MS Chemistry degrees from De La Salle University. He earned his PhD Chemical Science from Hokkaido University as a Japanese Government Scholar.

To know more about his ongoing research projects and interests, kindly view the Research, Publications, and Achievements pages.

If you are a student and interested to join J.I.'s group or a researcher interested for collaboration, please feel free to reach out through email. 

This site also contains the PDF of the non-formatted version of the published  papers. 


What university attributes predict for graduate employability?

KB Aviso, FPA Demeterio III, JIB Janairo, RIG Lucas, MAB Promentilla, RR Tan, DEC Yu

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Green Fluorescent Protein-Mediated Biomineralization of Silver Microparticles

Ma Monica Cabiles, Brandon Cyril Lira, Jose Isagani Janairo

Orbital: The Electronic Journal of Chemistry, 2021, pp. 85--89

Machine Learning for the Cleaner Production of Antioxidant Peptides

Jose Isagani B Janairo

International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics, Springer Netherlands, 2021, pp. 1--6

Unsustainable plastic consumption associated with online food delivery services in the new normal

Jose Isagani B Janairo

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Predicting Peptide Oligomeric State Through Chemical Artificial Intelligence

Jose Isagani B Janairo, Gerardo C Janairo

International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics, Springer Netherlands, 2021, pp. 763--767

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Cell Biology Lecture

Course codes: CELLMOL, CELLBIO

Discusses the relationship between structures and functions of the different components of the cell at the molecular level.

Principles of Cellular Biology Techniques and Instrumentation

Course Code: LBYBI16

Discusses the theoretical and fundamental background of various techniques employed in basic cell and molecular biology, as well as the common instruments used.


J.I. Janairo


Biology Department

De La Salle University

2401 Taft Avenue, Manila 0922, Philippines